Biggest Day-To-Day Changes from Obj-C to Swift Part 2

Biggest Day-To-Day Changes from Obj-C to Swift Part 2 Alright, you've seen swift a little bit here and there... you've seen some cool block syntax, now let's try to bring the main parts together so we can start building objects, classes. Swift offers many new exciting features that Objective-C has not taken advantage of, and hopefully with a base u…


Biggest Day-To-Day Changes from Obj-C to Swift Part 1


Since Apple has released its new programming Language, Swift, developers around the world have been jumping in and seeing what is different! Yes, there are quite a bit of differences, such as Optionals, Generics, Extensions, Mutators, even custom Operators (the list goes on)... But for the every day Objective-C programmer, he/she has to know what t…

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A short demo on how to create a tiled image across multiple image views and how to interact with it in a game like setting. For this example, we use one image and crop this image multiple times using a category on UIImage. This category essentially crops a certain rect within the original image. We then setup our arranged cropped images in the UIIm…


Core Animation Demo

Core Animation is the main animation and graphics rendering infrastructure built into iOS. Unlike many Apple frameworks, Core Animation along with Core Graphics sit below UIKit/AppKit. This means that it is included for each controller that inherits UIKit. This also means that it is tightly integrated into the view workflows as well as many of the …


Drag Drop Collection View Demo

I recently did a demonstration explaining the feature of drag and drop for a collection view. I used a UILongGestureRecognizer to locate points of the collection view and ultimately the cell at that point. It then creates a rasterized image of that cell to represent the dragging aspect of the cell. We then update the data (array) of the collection …

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First Cocoa Pod: SSStackedPageView

SSStackedPageView : Intro to Pod and Reusable Cell Strategy Have you used iOS 7 Passport or Reminder App? Isn't it rather nice to see the pages stack and flow with drags and taps? I ventured to create from scratch the same feature, using a single class I call SSStackedPageView. First the Repo: / F…