Welcome to McKown Associates,

a division of Brierley Associates

Hello to all my friends and colleagues,

I am pleased to let you know that McKown Associates, as of September 1, 2014 is now McKown Associates, a division of Brierley Associates. 501-238-3035 has been a valued client for many years, and this association will enhance the capabilities of both firms. I want you to know that this is not a retirement announcement; I will be providing the same services to all my valued clients for the foreseeable future, with the support of Nick Strater, David Kwietnewski, Brian Connelly, and Tom Pullen of Brierley Associates.

A note from A.J. McGinn, President and CEO of Brierley Associates:

Brierley Associates welcomes Andy McKown to our family. Many of our staff, such as Nick Strater and Alan Howard, have worked closely with Andy throughout their careers. He has mentored and worked with our staff on projects similar to those on which he has provided and continues to provide valuable consultation for each of you.

Like you, Brierley Associates uses Andy's services, too. He has enhanced our in-house capabilities for blasting design, vibration consultation and rock mechanics. I look forward to the rekindling my past relationship with Andy and the knowledge that he will share with our staff. Brierley Associates is pleased that Andy does not plan to retire for the foreseeable future.

In his over 35 years of experience, Mr. McKown has been involved in numerous tunnel and underground construction projects, including mined and cut-and-cover chambers and tunnels for; rapid transit, transportation, water and sewer, and hydro-electric projects. Particular expertise has been developed in the field of rock engineering and drilling and blasting for tunnels and other underground excavations, as well as quarry and construction blasting.

Mr. McKown has extensive experience in close-in construction blasting, perimeter control blasting, and rock support. Andy has provided innovative solutions to allow many projects to successfully move forward with blasting up to, below, and inside existing structures. He has also assisted in resolving environmental issues associated with blasting, such as perchlorates, nitrates, and carbon monoxide. Other environmental solutions have come in the form of designing and implementing "blast fractured trenches" to assist in in remediation of groundwater contamination in bedrock.

Mr. McKown provides nationwide consultation on drilling and blasting and, rock excavation and support for broad spectrum of underground projects. He is the author of a chapter on tunnel blasting for the "Blaster's Handbook", an update to the DuPont Blaster Handbook, published by the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE). He is also former Chairman of the Committee on Perimeter Control Blasting of the Underground Technology Research Council (UTRC); former member of the ASCE Rock Mechanics Committee, former Chairman of the Committee on Close‑In‑Construction Blasting; past member of the Program Committee of the Society of Explosives Engineers (SEE); and past member of the Explosives Advisory Committee, Board of Fire Prevention Regulations, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  He has assisted insurance companies and attorneys in blast damage claim investigations, consulted on blasting and vibration problems, and has served as an expert witness on blasting and vibration related cases.